Slovenian Girl @ Ljubljana and @ Toronto International Film Festival 2009

Today I am going to see the last screening of the movie Slovenian Girl at TIFF. This movie had its world priemere at the Sarajavo Film Festival earlier this year and then it got picked up by TIFF. I am excited to see this movie as it takes place in Ljubljana (the capital city of Slovenia) where I was living earlier this year. It will be interesting to see how Ljubljana is depicted in the film. It was a different feeling to see a familiar city such as Toronto depicted in Atom Egoyan's Chloe and I hope the Slovenian Girl also captures something about Ljubljana. There is actually another film at TIFF this year to feature the story of a Slovenian Girl. The movie is called Double Hour and its last screening is this Saturday.

A picture I took of a Slovenian girl in Tivoli Park, Ljubljana taken earlier this year.

Slovenian Girl, Ljubljana Street Fashion @ Tivoli Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Click here for more pictures from Ljubljana in my portfolio under the category Simple Youth

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